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Insurance Companies are Seeing a Spike in Claims being filed as a result of the damage caused by Tropical Storm Isaac in South Florida

Tropical-Storm-Isaac-on-familiar-course-TL258KB8-x-large.jpgTropical Storm Isaac left its imprint all over South Florida. Tropical Storm Isaac produced flash flooding, down power lines, and overall extensive property damage throughout South Florida.

The next step for all South Florida homeowners who sustained property damage as a direct result of Tropical Storm Isaac is to assess the extent of the damages and determine what needs to be done to repair the damage.

It should be emphasized that all damage should be photographed, and any repairs made should be properly documented. If you purchased supplies at the local hardware store, make sure to keep the receipt. If you hired the contractor to perform certain remedial measures, make sure you keep the invoices documenting the nature, cost and scope of work.

After you have assessed your damages, and performed any remedial repairs to prevent the damage from getting worse, it may be time to contact your insurance company. Our storm damage attorneys are prepared to assist you with the claims handling process as well in the evaluation process.

Filing an insurance claim is often times not an easy process. But it is best to be prepared prior to filing the claim in order to help ensure a smooth claims process. And the best preparation is to fully understand the nature of the loss, and have it properly documented.

With that said, insurance companies in South Florida are expecting a rise in claims. Citizens expects approximately 5,000 to 6,000 claims to be filed over the next few weeks.

As you prepare for your claim, please understand that time could be a significant factor working against you. In order to properly file a claim with your insurance company the claim needs to be timely filed. If you fail to timely file a claim, then your claim is forever barred.

Some claims require that they be filed “immediately” with the insurance company. And failure to file an “immediate” claim may jeopardize the claim. Flood claims in particular have special rules that need to be properly handled. Please contact our office today if you are in doubt regarding the claims process, or if you simply have questions regarding the potential claim.

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