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Insurance Company Discrimination Leads to Lowball Settlement Offer and a Lawsuit

insurance-claims.jpgIt should come as no surprise that adjusters for insurance companies are often scrutinized and criticized for a variety of reasons. Most of this scrutiny and criticism stems from their decisions to deny claims outright or low ball settlement offers. Yet they are seldom disciplined for their poor claims handling.

In some instances, these low-ball offers or denials could be as simple as the software insurance adjusters use to evaluate the claims. These programs incorporate a large number of statistical data to evaluate claims and do not take into account the unusual circumstances of the policy holder, which leaves them with little to no money to make repairs.

On other, rarer occasions, adjusters engage in discriminatory practices when coming up with a figure to settle first-party insurance claims. News 4 in Jacksonville Florida recently reported allegations that an insurance adjuster for Florida Peninsula lowballed a couple’s claim based on their sexual orientation.

You should contact us today if you feel as though your insurance company is giving you the run around regarding your insurance claim.

According to the News 4 report, the life partners sustained water damage to their Florida home as a result of Tropical Storm Beryl and Debbie. After first reporting their claim, the insurance company hired Belfor Property to make temporary repairs to mitigate the damages.

An employee for Belfor at the time, Andy Boswell, experienced firsthand the discriminatory views of the adjuster Florida Peninsula hired to oversee the claim. “‘From the very beginning of it, he [Mark Jager] said ‘I am not going to bother with these people. I am going to deny their claim,'” Boswell said of Jager’s attitude. Boswell then said the conversation got worse. He said the adjuster told them he did not want to be here, “that these people disgust me.'”

Fortunately for the homeowners, they did not hear the hurtful and degrading comments Jager made. It was only made aware to them when Boswell called to apologize and reveal the true nature of Peninsula’s troubled adjuster.

After demanding a new adjuster based on the revelation above, the couple filed suit against Florida Peninsula, Jager, and the group he works for, Crawford and Company.

Florida Peninsula refused to provide specific information about the claim but released a statement that said, among other things, that “the alleged conduct had no impact on Florida Peninsula’s claim decision.”

The couple disagrees and will soon have their day in court.

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